Swedish Heavy Cavalry Sword 1680

This is a swedish heavy cavalry sword from the time of 1680. It is the heaviest sword I have in my collection (1,72 kg). It is obvious it needs the horse to come to its full advantage. The lenght and weight of this sword would make cutting from above a very lethal experience for anyone on the ground. 

Total length: 116 cm
Blade: 97,5 cm long. 3,9 cm wide that tapers evenly down to 1,5cm in the point. 11mm thick at the base, evenly tapered down to 4 mm at the point. There is a deep 16,5 cm long fuller with the stamps X O X O X O a typical pattern from the forge Wira in Sweden. At the ricasso there is a P stamped.  Prober-stamp is the mark for accepted qualitytest. Many swedish swords have them as proof of their tested quality.
Weight: 1,72 kg
Guard and pommel in polished steel, with crossbar, handbar and thumbring on the inside.  Handle of wood winded with brass wire, turks heads in both ends. 


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Bjarnes Vapensida